Your home is most likely the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  It is where you will live and spend much of your time. You will work a significant amount of time to pay for your home and need to be aware of what you buying in to. A home inspection prior to purchasing a home offers you the security and confidence of knowing what you are purchasing. Safe House Inspections provides professional residential home inspection services for this reason. 

Home Buyer Inspection

For those purchasing a home, we help you know with confidence what you are purchasing. With our inspections for home buyers, we reduce your risk of the unknown by familiarizing you with any major issues the house my have or potentially develop. We’ll also make you aware of any safety hazards and potential safety risks so you can assure your families safety. A Safe House Inspections home inspection will also make you aware of any improvements, repairs, or maintenance needed, and any nonfunctioning items in the home that you are purchasing. 

Home Seller Inspection

For those selling or planning to list their homes for sale, we help you make sure your home is ready to sell.  We will make you aware of any potential major issues that could destroy a sale, ensure that it is safe, and provide you a list of items that you may want to fix before placing your house on the market. A pre-sale or pre-listing home inspection will make you aware of any items that will potentially come up if your buyer has a home inspection done. Your inspection can also be offered to potential buyers and may speed up the closing process if they choose to forego having an inspection done.

Home Owner Inspection

Home owners can benefit from certain types of home inspections. Maintenance inspections can look at major systems and make the owner aware of repairs or upkeep that may be needed of major systems such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, attic, crawlspace and heating systems. Warranty inspections are good for home owners who are approaching the end of a home warranty be aware of items that should be brought to the builder to fix before the warranty expires.