I am a licensed home Inspector with the State of Washington. I have also built friendships and connections with contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and other home system professionals that I also use as informational resources to make sure your home inspection report is accurate.

I have personally worked with the listed contractors below and would recommend them to any of my clients!

General Contractors

Chumley Construction - Joe chumley (owner)

253-720-1203 | www.chumleyco.com

Kingdom Builders - Ryan Jewel (Owner)

360-790-0501 | www.kbc-llc.com

Drewtown Construction - Drew Wolfe (Owner)

253-606-2951 | www.drewtownwa.com

Darren Warder


Appliance Repair

Top Shelf Appliance Service

253-444-4181 | www.topshelfappliance.com


Nicholson Electric – Mike Heasley 

253-754-9125 | www.nicholsonelectric.com

Flooring Installation

DJ Shultz – 253-606-9385

Plumbing Contractors

Dewey Blodgett - 253-571-8134

Tree Removal Service

Sky High Tree Service - Josh Wilke (owner)

253-797-3621 | www.skyhightreeremoval.com


MowtownE Landscaping - John Town (owner)

(253) 219-9246 | www.mowtowne.co

HVAC – Heating / AC

Ranger heating and Cooling

253-336-3777 | www.rangerheating.com

Appraisal Services

United Valuations - Tim Graham (Owner)

253-272-5370 | www.uvalu.com