Items Inspected

During an inspection, we look for 3 primary categories of deficiencies or potential problems:

  1.  Major Concerns – This would be items that are significant or will be expensive to replace or repair.

  2. Safety or Potential Safety Hazards – These are items that have the potential of causing a safety risk to children or adults. Current safety codes and standards have changed dramatically over the past 40 years.  Poor maintenance and some DIY handiwork can put people or pets at extreme risk .

  3. Improvement or repair items – This is typically a detailed list of smaller items that need attention, repair, replacement, improvement, or maintenance.

We also look for water intrusion damage, pest intrusion issues, signs of wood eating organisms, and any evidence of mold infection.

This will all be reported to you at the inspection verbally if you are present and then in a detailed written report that includes pictures and videos.


Roof Inspection

We inspect all roofing and roofing material including: roof flashings, skylights, valleys, gutters, roof vents, electric service entry, plumbing vent boots and flashings, and chimney and chimney flashings.

Exterior Inspection

We inspect all exterior condition including: siding, trim, facia, windows, soffit, soffit vents, electric service and exterior outlets, caulking, siding or window flashings, and paint.

Grounds Inspection

We inspect all grounds including: driveway, service walks, patios, decks/balconies, deck or patio covers, porches and stoops, surface drainage, downspouts and downspout drainage, hose bibs, landscaping that may affect foundation, and retaining walls.

Garage Inspection

We inspect the entire garage area including: garage door(s), door openers and safety reverse, structure, sill plates, garage floor, electrical receptacles and lights, fire wall and fire door, and walls.

Laundry Room Inspection

We inspect the entire laundry/mud room area including: washer and dryer connections, plumbing, and proper ventilation.

Kitchen Inspection

We inspect all kitchen components including: countertops, cabinets, plumbing, walls and ceiling, floors, appliances, and electrical receptacles.    

Bathroom Inspection

We inspect all bathroom components including: plumbing, toilet, bathtub, shower, tub/shower wall tiling or surround, electrical receptacles, caulking, and proper ventilation.      

Bedroom Inspection

We inspect all bedroom items including: walls and ceiling condition, floors, doors, windows, electrical receptacles, lighting, and closets.

Interior Inspection

We fully inspect the interior of your home including: steps and railings, fireplaces, hallways/entry areas, smoke alarms, CO alarms, attic areas, insulation, venting, bathroom/kitchen venting to outside, structure (trusses/rafters), roof underlayment, attic venting, wiring/electrical, and we check for pest problems and current or potential leaks.  

Crawlspace Inspection

We fully inspect your home’s crawlspace area, including: venting, insulation, drainage, vapor barrier, sump pumps, plumbing, foundation, footings, venting, insulation, pest issues, wood eating organisms, structure, sill plates, and seismic strapping or bolting.

Heating System Inspection

We inspect all heating system components including: central heating/cooling systems, heat pumps, AC units, boiler systems, radiant heating systems, baseboard units, and wall heater units.

Electrical Inspection

We inspect all components of your home’s electrical system, including: receptacles, lights and switched items, GFCIs, AFCI breaker, electrical panel, mast head and service entry, and visible wiring.

Plumbing Inspection

We inspect all the components of your home’s plumbing system, including: all sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers for leaks; water heaters, plumbing vents, water shut off valves, gas/propane piping, water supply piping (visible), drain waste piping (visible), hose bibs, grinder pumps, and sump pumps.